July 11, 2023
Rostrum does not currently host heats for Voice of Youth in Queensland.

Rostrum Club 3

July 11, 2023
About Rostrum Club 3 – Red Hill Brisbane At Club 3 we’ll help you gain confidence in speaking in front of people and ‘on your feet’ in a safe, supportive and friendly environment, where you’ll have fun, and also develop critical thinking, listening and leadership skills.¬† Our structured ‘Frontiers Development Program’ enables new members to...
About Speechmakers Club 74 Gold Coast Ours is a newly-formed club which combines the membership of two long-standing Gold Coast clubs – Club 27 and Southport Club 74. What we may lack in longevity we make up with experience. A number of our members have been involved with Rostrum for many years, and they bring...
Do you ever appear shy and nervous when talking with strangers? Become frustrated when you are unable to express your point of view clearly? Feel unprepared and awkward when presenting a report at work? Feel like you’re unable to host or run a meeting? Find it difficult to make friends, take part in social interaction...

Rostrum Club 17

July 6, 2023
About Club 17 We meet every Wednesday from early February to late November, the only exception being the Brisbane Show Day. Ours is a particularly go-ahead club, with plenty of fresh ideas. We aim to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously. We pride ourselves on the excellent opportunities we provide for members to...

Rostrum Club 10

July 6, 2023
About Club 10 We welcome all members and guests wishing to learn, develop and practise public speaking and meeting procedure. The Meeting Meetings are conveniently scheduled to run over the lunch break for 40 minutes (though lunch is not eaten during the meeting) and conclude promptly at 1.50pm. Generally there are five prepared speeches varying...

Rostrum Club 31

July 6, 2023
About Club 31 Ours is a friendly and very successful club with a very enthusiastic membership. The meeting fee is $3, and meals are available.  Rostrum Club 31 meeting in the RSL Cairns boardroom