RVOY Victoria

July 14, 2023
TAKE UP THE CHALLENGE …. BE INVOLVED IN ROSTRUM VOICE OF YOUTH IN 2024. When you enter the Rostrum Voice of Youth you will choose a speech topic from the supplied list and select the heat in your closest regional centre. If more than ten students from your school wish to take part in your...

2023 VIC Results

July 11, 2023
Victorian Finalists 2023   Who do I contact for more information? If you have read all the general information and you have further questions on the Victorian Rostrum Voice of Youth competition please email your questions to vicvoy@rostrum.com.au or contact Kylie, the Victorian Voice of Youth co-ordinator on 0412 720 869.

Rostrum Club 55

July 6, 2023
About Werribee Club Do you have an important speech to present at work or for a family event? Are you preparing for a job interview? Do you need to be more dynamic in work or course presentations? Would you like to be able to run more effective meetings? Or….are you simply interested in improving your...

Rostrum Club 24

July 6, 2023
About Club 24 Visitors are welcome to join us to see whether our meetings can assist you to reach your personal speaking goals. We are a friendly and inclusive club offering a broad range of activities including prepared and impromptu speeches, debating, presentation skills and formal meeting procedure. Visitors are very welcome – there is...

Rostrum Club 48

July 6, 2023
About Club 48 You are welcome to join us for a couple of meetings or come along to our training days. We regularly post our activities on the Rostrum Australia facebook group – join and see what’s in store. Our club training officers tailor our program to encourage all members to meet their goals. Talk to...

Rostrum Club 27

July 6, 2023
About Club 27 Club 27 welcomes visitors – come along for a free preview meeting. Our weekly meeting program has an emphasis on public speaking, making presentations, meeting procedure and leadership skills through a mixture of varied activities and regular brief training programs. We have been operating continuously in Morwell since 1959. Find your voice...

Rostrum Club 5

July 6, 2023
About Mildura Rostrum Club 5 Our meetings are conducted using varying content aimed at providing an interesting vehicle for training and attaining the skills required by members. Everyone is encourage to speak at least once during the meeting.

Rostrum Club 23

July 6, 2023
About Club 23 Public speaking training in the Melbourne city area. MELBOURNE Rostrum Club 23 public speaking club meets at The Hub@Docklands  80 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands each Tuesday 12.30 – 1.30 pm except during January. Report to reception desk to register. It is essential to contact the club to confirm venue and gain access. Some of the reasons for existence of...

Rostrum Club 3

July 6, 2023
About Club 3 Club 3 runs friendly relaxed meetings covering multiple facets of public speaking including prepared speeches, short notice speeches, readings and meeting procedure. We welcome all visitors.  Join us for two weeks for a free trial.

Rostrum club 45

July 6, 2023
About Club 45 Rostrum Club 45 – a dynamic public speaking club in Melbourne that helps its members work towards their personal improvement goals. Do you have an important speech to present at work or for a family event? Do you have to present a piece of assessment for your course?  Do you need to...
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