Australian Capital Territory

Rostrum’s Student Development Program for Secondary School Students.

When you enter the Rostrum Voice of Youth you will choose a speech topic and present either

  • a Prepared speech of 6 minutes – JUNIORS (aged 11 years as at 1/1/23 and in years 7, 8 or 9);
  • or 8 minutes – SENIORS (under 18 as at 1/1/23 and in years 10,11 or 12); and a

Short notice speech – 3 minutes – (Juniors & Seniors, preparation time of 15 minutes).

In 2024 entries in the ACT are to be made through Rostrum New South Wales, please check for details.

Resources and Further Information:

Student resources are available on this page:

For general information about the competition and links to other states see this page: