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BE INVOLVED IN ROSTRUM VOICE OF YOUTH IN 2024 – a special year when we celebrate 50 years of Rostrum Voice Of Youth

rostrum-voice-of-youth-50-logoRostrum Voice of Youth is a national speaking competition which provides an excellent opportunity for secondary school students to gain experience and confidence in expressing their views and communicating a message.

States run their own heats and finals. The 2024 National Final will be held in Hobart on July 27th. Visit your state page for entry details and dates.

Junior Division (aged 11 years or over as at 1/1/24 and in years 7, 8 or 9)

A prepared speech: 6 minutes, plus a 3 minute short notice speech.

Senior Division (under 18 as at 1/1/24 and in years 10,11 or 12)

A prepared speech: 8 minutes, plus a 3 minute short notice speech.

The three minute short notice speech (with 15 minutes preparation) is included at State and National levels for both Junior & Senior competitions, and at earlier levels in some states – visit your state page for entry details and dates.

Speech Topics

State & National Final Topics for 2024

The ‘Me’ Mentality The Masks We Wear
No Easy Answer The Art of Reinvention
It Takes a Spark This is only the Beginning
Untapped Wealth Double Standards
A New Chapter A Silver Lining


The following resources are provided for all competitors.national finalists casual 2013

Voice of Youth Honour Roll


Finalists are entered in the Honour Roll.

Apply to join the Rostrum Voice of Youth facebook group – the group name is RVOY Past and Present – and follow Rostrum Voice of Youth on Facebook.


Your State Coordinator can assist you with any enquiries related to your state competition.

Contact the National Coordinator for sponsorship enquiries or regarding national information about the program and competition. Contact your own state contact for your state competition information.

Rostrum members are all volunteers and not only organise the competition but are active in the roles of adjudication and chairmanship. Because of the size of the competition, Rostrum also receives assistance from other community organisations.



Rostrum’s ability to complete all levels of the competition will depend on Health Advice and Government Regulations.


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