Voice of Youth Resources

These resources are provided as advice for the Voice of Youth contestants.

Resources for Students

Three Minutes!? Three whole minutes?? How can I speak for a full 3 minutes on a short notice topic?
“What can I say? “. “How can I find something worthwhile in such a short time?”. “How do I start, or finish, or fill in the middle bit?”

If these questions have bothered you as a student, or your students if you are a teacher, this guide should help.

It outlines in a straight forward manner a few approaches that can get a short notice speech off the ground, land it again, and take the audience to a destination of the speaker’s choice all within 3 minutes. The biggest worry will now become “do I only have three short minutes?”.

The Short Guide to Short Notice Speaking provides an uncomplicated approach to finding something to say in a way that is not rocket science.

This background advice was prepared for South Australian competitors to assist contestants and teachers to know what is looked for in a speech. The document was written in response to a student actual query.

These notes are guidelines only. The guidelines discuss how you should approach the competition. They were prepared by the 2012 National Coordinator, Mrs Jenny Fraser to help you to get started.

These notes on speaking by Freemen  Stan Ralph & Patrick Bourke were prepared for Rostrum Voice of Youth competitors and were updated in March 2012.

Prepared in 2012, these brief tips may give you some ideas for your preparation and delivery.

This document contains advice on planning, writing and delivering a speech. It is a more detailed version of the Brief Tips document.

Other Resources

  • RVoY Policy Documents

See here for Policy and other documents for Rostrum Voice of Youth

  • Adjudication Sheet Rostrum Voice of Youth

This is the standard adjudication sheet used by the Rostrum Voice of Youth adjudicators. Roles and Responsibilities of Adjudicators are detailed in this document.

RVOY Honour Roll 1975 onwards

This is a complete record of all zone and national winners of the Rostrum Voice of Youth competition since 1975. The zone and national coordinators are listed also